Delivery & Quantities

All deliveries come on the back of tipping vans, which can deliver a maximum of 4 cubic metres loose in a single load. Delivery is free on orders over £50 and within a 10 mile radius of our yard, which is located at DN37 0HZ. We do include Louth in this area as well.

Log Quantities Explained

Q. Why do you sell your logs in cubic metres rather than tons?

A. The lower the moisture content of a log, the less it weighs and the better it burns. Seasoned wood weighs a lot less in volume than the same in unseasoned. So be careful if you buy by weight, as you may be paying for water rather than wood!

Q. What's the difference between quantities of "loose fill" and "stacked logs"?

A. A cubic metre pile of loose jumbled logs when stacked will take up a volume of two thirds a cubic metre on average. A cubic metre of stacked logs delivered will cost one third more than a loose cubic metre delivered.

Q. Why do you measure and sell by a volume of loose logs?

A. Once we have cut and split the wood into logs, they are then stored in vented 1 cubic metre bags until seasoned. So when making a delivery we tip these bags into the van so they can be tipped out onto your drive way.

Q. Doesn't a builders bag full of logs hold a cubic metre of logs and weigh a ton?

A. No, builders bags are designed to hold a ton of build material (sand or gravel). The most common size can hold about 0.7 cubic metres of loose logs, which will weigh a lot less than sand or gravel.

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